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Its the best WIFI Scanner for the mac osx !! Simple, very accurate, so usefull to tweak a network to get a better gain, when using a macbook by example… Thanks to the devs !!


Super Scanner, facile et performant Bravo!!!

The maps does not show the location correctly

Good information about the wireless network, but the maps does not show the location correctly. Im in Brazil and the maps show the African coast.

Great app

This app is really helpful. With many graphs that helps us compare the avaliable networks, it was a life savior to me.

Bunch of crap

- doesnt scan the network if you have aliases for loopback (eg: - speed test server list is too damn small - doesnt grab the correct netmask for network

good app, but much less useful since update :-(

The app is very simplistic, but does what it says in the tin. Basically Im satisfied. But since the last upgrade the screen is covered with useless graphs that leave hardly any screen estate for the scan results! Thats particularly annoying as there is no way to turm these gimmicks off or resize them. Please add an option to turn the graphs off! The main purpose of this app is to see all wifis in range quickly, without zooming … unfortunately thats currently impossible.

Crash and down

Just bought it and crashed during staring the app; about 2 bounces in the dock and its gone befor I even saw the UI.

Works fine!

It works as it should work. I had no problems with the app. And to check your own local WLAN it is very good, showing me everything I may want to check.

Feature rich app

which provides a lot of information in a very readable and intuitive way. I think it’s worth the money.

Adequate tool for the IT worker, not for wardriving

This version has the long awaited improvement of not breaking when offline! Thank you! :) This is a simple app that does what it promises and nothing more. Terms on the screen assume youre initiated in the terms - I took a long time to figure out that S/N (probably) means Signal/Noise ratio. For some reason that I dont understand, it defaults sorting by noise, even though its the same for a WiFi router beside my MacBook and another one across the building (or maybe its being measured wrong). Also sorting by S/N doesnt work for me - it feels random sorted. Id appreciate if they were visual bars instead of numbers, as its more helpful to make a decision of whats a good AP and where I can get the best reception from it. I am still short of a good wardriving tool, one thats a little less indifferent to the layman at that. This app has potential and can still be made into one; or perhaps I came looking for this in the wrong place. Thanks, @Ekevoo

Great tool and customer service.

Ive been playing around with this tool for a couple version now and have witnessed some important improvements. The graphing function is a really nice touch which makes it very easy to quickly see whats going on in the air and compare various WLANs to one another. Another thing I like about WiFi Scanner is the developers responsiveness to feedback. I had some questions/issues regarding the way it identified WPS-enabled WLANs and the develop started working on adjustments immediately. Awesome customer service! Im reserving the 5th star for some kind of export feature. Other than that, I would definitely have no problem recommending this tool to anyone.

Excellent tool to have in your WiFi Survey Kit

Currently Im using this on Mac OS X Lion other than odd hiccup while starting, this app is great. The APP seems to be able to find SSIDs that the normal Mac Wifi dosnt display right away. the output from the APP is very valuable. Looking into purchasing a complete kit.. @WirelessStew.

Ok tool

This tool is fine, but it doesnt have any options or a way to display a dB vs channel graph, and it crashes randomly.

Really cool

This app just saved my life as I was struggling to figure out why my wifi was slow. The UI could use some tweaks thought as there are a lot of options I dont use.

Indispensable Tool for the WiFi Professional

I have been looking for a decent WiFi scanning tool for OSX for some time now. MetaGeek has a great tool for Windows, but nothing really ported to the Mac yet. I was introduced to iStumber about 4 years ago. It was a great tool to start the day, but the more I worked with WiFi, it just didnt have the suite of resources to help prepare for a proper site survey or spectrum analysis. WiFi Scanner has everything the WiFi professional needs to prepare a proper survey and deployment strategy. And it works with your current hardware, not need to buy anything else.

Rock solid!

In almost 30 years of Mac usage… this 99 cent app could be the most useful, and best app Ive ever bought. BOTTOMLINE. You have WiFi. You run a Mac. Then this app will help you MAKE YOUR WIFI FASTER (allowing you to see all the bottlenecks on your neighbourhoods crowded wifi signals). Great tool.

Great program - stable and easy to use with some very powerful features

Was just looking for a basic WiFi scanner. I downloaded this program and haven’t even bothered looking for anything else. The simple clean layout is appreciated. It doesn’t take long to learn the advanced features and is VERY useful when dealing with network issues or just testing out your current setup. Thanks for a nice program.

Best Wifi App you will Find

This prorgam extremely helpful when setting up wifi. You can monitor where the best placement of hardware is to be situated. Also its great when you travel so you can see which wifi signal is best. It would be very helpful to have an iPhone and iPad version as it would be more portable. Also great for surveying pay as you go hotspots. You can monitor their signal strength before you sign up.

Wores well in 10.10 but not in Yosemite 10.10.1

Something needs to be updated. Today I downloaded Yosemte 10.10.1. Yes this is beta. But it doesnot seem to scan. Since this beta has a note “WiFi focus” I suspect something inYosemite changed. Once this is resolved, I will be a useful tool once more.

Great App, room for improvement

Could you guys add Meraki to the Vendors list, also make it possible to direct connect to a wifi network from within the app.

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