WiFi Scanner アプリのレビュー


地図が出るのはいいと思いますが、信頼度はどの程度なんでしょうね。 焦って買ってしまって後悔です。

Blocks restarts

Not only does the close button on the app not work — it will actually prevent your Mac from restarting as if it’s some crtitical system. The only way to reboot your Mac once you start this app is to force quit it, then retry a shutdown.


It gives me a impression that I can choose the specific wifi spot out of all with the same SSID name: they have “join” before each of them. But in fact they cannot! It makes me regret to buy it 5 min after paying my money

Basic App

It gives more wifi info than most. I would like the ability to speediest a server and location of my choice. Local servers don’t give me accurate results of connection speeds. I live on Guam and use a Ring Floodlight camera, speediest to a local server is useless to me.

Quality Scanner and Updated

Works well with no stability issues - great to see the app regularly updated.

Excellent app; excellent support!

I’ve been using this app since it was release. Keep it updated!! It provides a LOT of useful information for people above the novice level of network sorcery. For the rest of us, the Help file is pretty educational and the tech support is outstanding. Plus, the app is in ACTIVE development; they’re working to make it more newbie-friendly. Unfortunately, the pace of technology is a lot faster than the pace of simplifying apps that attempt to automate optimization of technology. But the people at AccessAgility are trying really, really hard. This app is a must-have for your admin toolbox.

Great tool — Be sure and keep OSX patches current

Been using this tool for years and have no complaints! If you are having any issues with the app crashing, make sure you have latest OSX patches installed. I had a crashing issue, and resolved it by updating OSX.

I have a problem in the program

The program always After the opening few seconds in an emergency and Close sudden say I have a problem ??? The application was terminated unexpectedly Always the application does not work so what is the problem???

Great Tool To Have!

I’ve used a few WiFi stumblers for the Mac, and this has always come out being the best (especially for the money), in my opinion. It has a wealth of information at your fingertips, and nicely laid out.

Useful tool bug buggy.

The tool has some really nice features as I would agree in previous reviews. It also has lots of bugs. For example. 1. The tool crashes or freezes up aftyer creating multiple CSV files. 2. Quitting from the apple menue pops up another screen. 3. The CSV export does not match the information requested when additional columns are displayed on screen. many are blank. 4. The speed test chooses a random test point every time. Not consistant as a measument tool. However I would recommend this to a friend.

Nice WiFi Tool

Easy to use with a lo of useful information. Stable. Reliable. Accurate. Seems to be the app that combines most of this developers other suite of tools. I’d like to try WiFi Perf but $99.99 is too much money.

Excellent and simple tool

I travel frequently and bring my networks with me; this is a fantastic and easy tool to figure out where all the existing networks are and be able to set your channels accordingly. It gets deep if you like, as well.



The Best Version ever

WiFi Scanner 2.7.4 is now the premier scanning software for home or hobby use

An Indispensible Tool for RV'ers

I'm a full-time RV'er and I use this wonderful tool to discover WiFi signals around us wherever we happen to be staying. We use it to find least-congested WiFi channels for setting our internal router. I appreicate the devolper continuously improving this software. It keeps getting better and better. In short, this the perfect tool for quickly and easily discovering the important technical details about all WiFi signals within range.

it’s great

information is very useful unfortunately I don’t think I can act on the info, because I need to change our channel , but Xfinity is making it very difficult But now I know why our speed fluctuates so widely

Awesome piece of software.

My wireless connection used to always cut out. Using this software I was able to diagnose and ratify my problem.

better all the time

A great multi-purpose tool that just keeps getting better!

Most useful WiFi scanner

I’ve used lots of tools over the years as a network professional. I use this tool to assess IoT devices, perform network discovery, and security assessments. It just keeps getting better.

Awesome updates

I’m not the type of person who usually reviews apps, but the wealth of information WiFi Scanner convinced me to make the effort. This app is fantasic for gathering data to scope out network issues and assess your wireless situation.

Works well, easy to use, constant improvements

I rarely take my time to write reviews but the developers of this software have stood behind it and continue to make excellent upgrades to the look and functionality of this software. It has always done what I needed it too, which is showing what parts of the spectrum are crowded with signals.


This thing is horrible. It won’t detect any devices at all. Totally bogus and waste of money. There were at least three devices connected and this piece of crap app identified none of them!!! Don’t waste your money.

Awesome tool…..

Great to have in your "bag of black majic tricks”, lots of useful information for troubleshooting\validating any wifi deployment.

awesome BUT never closes (shady alert!)

this is a great program that provides awesome info! it doesnt take up a lot of system resources and is consistant. also, easy to use. simple and clean UI. *BUT* the program has a bug that casses it to stay open! it wont close - no matter how you try to close it. it happens 85% of the time. SO FRUSTRATING IT! it acts like malaware or bugged software.. so aggravating. makes me wonder -_- ‘why’ wont it close… hmmm… anyway i DONT recommened this. there are other programs that you can buy, that although may be more $, CLOSE lol. fix that and its 5 stars

The Best I have Found

After trying many other scanners, this one stands alone. I highly recommend it.

Works Really Well

I used this to help trouble shoot WiFi at home. It’s amazing how many WiFi spots you an see in your neighborhood. I used this to help move my WiFi channels away from my neighbors to minimize interference and improve signal quality. Definitely worth it, an essential tool to have. I would love to have a copy on my iPad of mobile troubleshooting.

I absolutely love this app!!!

It gives me useful wireless data about my networks and those in the area. This is a great down and dirty, get to the point, simple wifi diagnostic tool.

Great App!

Great diagnostic tool. Colorful and meaningful displays Best I’ve seen.

Extremely useful, but not without bugs

The ability to plot all the nearby networks by itself makes this app worth it. The interface is clean and easy to understand. But in the current version, running under 10.10.2 on a 27” iMac, I found three bugs. The Channel column did not appear until I opened the preferences (where it was enabled), disabled it, and then re-enabled it again. When I changed the 5 GHz channel on my access point, the correct channel was reflected in the channel column (48), but not in the visual signal strength display, where it was still drawn as if it was 149. And the Speed Test, when clicked, drew its download icon for about a quarter of a second, and then stopped, with no obvious indication of what had gone wrong. Still, it’s recommended because the basic functionality is so useful and so well done.

Very Useful. Well Done.

This gives you similar functionality to InSSIDer at a lower cost. I find this just as useful and in some ways more useful. This type of app is something everyone should use to diagnose wifi issues and find the clearest channels for reduced interfererence. This one does a good job.

Great App

This is a great app for troublshooting. It continues to add very good features and the user interface is very good. It allows you to select the access point you want to connect to when there are multiples using the same SSID

Meets and Exceeds My Needs

Very helpful. I quit worrying about whether Comcast is giving me the data flow they say they are. I find the best wifi connection at a hotel. I see what the trend of frequency and band use is in the neighborhood. Zero to complain about.

Very useful

Gives you a lot of information and controll missing in the native OSX wifi controls. Super useful.


Great visualization, especially for helping to discover how to configure the channels for my APs. It would be nice to have additional documentation of how to set up custom speed test servers.


I find this app incredibly useful for scanning wi-fi channels to see which ones are being in my immediate area. Then I just select a channel for my wi-fi router (a channel that has minimal traffic) and get the best possible signal because it has the least noise…..

Works as advertised

Works just the way it shows in the App Store. Simple and easy to use, lots of information. Easy to find a wireless channel that is least used for best wireless connectivity and speed.


Works as expected. ;)

All the info i need

I’m no networking expert, but the app is helpful and informative.

New UI and features are a big improvement!!!

This is turning into a really super app. It has been very useful for a long time but as they improve it just keeps getting better and better. Its my go to app for info on wireless. The ability to understand S/N from all the available wireless signals and now the speed test make it a must have app for me.

Well developed app

I had to look for a few ideas on how best to use it. But once you see it’s ability, well worth the tools.

Great app for finding and fixing Wifi channel issues

I live in an appartment complex so there are a ton of WiFi routers around me. This app makes it wasy to find the few open windows where there is the least congestion by letting me see where all of my neighbors are broadcasting.

Excellent app, well worth the price

Basically this app will answer any question you may have about Wi-Fi connections. If anything, the amount of information presented can be a bit overwhelming, but you will no longer have to wonder which of the available Wi-Fi services will give you the best performance.


I love all the options this app has!

Works like a charm

This is the best App I have found if you want to see what’s on your network, and be able to collect WiFi signal and speed data. I have four active channels (primary router and a second AP, both working at 2.4 and 5GHz). I can look at all four simultaneously regardless to which I am connected. It would be nice if the ability to collect data for my wired ethernet connections were added in a future update.

Really clean and functional

Very nice scanner useful, clean and functional and it really shows how much my Airport Extreme kicks all the others routers butts around me :)

Great App!

Finaly something functional, fast and useful for Wi-Fi signal spectrum testing. Thank you.

Great New Release

This is a very useful app. It really helps in evaluating wifi performance and problems, speed test is great. Thanks for a well done product.

Great tool for understanding Wi-Fi conditions

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand what is happening with Wi-Fi. How strong is my signal? Is my access point really transmitting on 5GHz and 2GHz like it’s supposed to? How strong is my signal? Are my neighbors all stomping on my signal? How fast is my access point really? It’s impossible to get this information right from my access point. This program shows it all in an easy to understand format. Whenever I have any questions about what is happening with my Wi-Fi, this app is invaluable. Highly recommended.

Reliable, Useful, Stylish, Excellent App

Does exactly what I need it for. Works very well. Highly recommend to other people who have a need (or want) for qualitative and quantitative network analysis, home or otherwise. Just downloaded and tested the newest update - the Speed Test feature was a wonderful addition, brought my opinion of this app from a strong 4.5/5.0 before, to a 5.0/5.0.

100% Worth every penny and an excellent App

Love the app, use it often!!! Great to find out what channel to use to avoid interference as well as find the SNR for the best place to place the router. I cannot thank the developer(s) who worked so hard to bring us a truly excellent piece of work!


Honestly, this is one of the most useful things I have ever downloaded! Not only does it show all wi-fi routers/networks in your immediate area, you get SSID's and MAC Addresses of those devices. It shows what GHz band said networks broadcast on, and what b/g/n mode they use. It's graphical displays/charts are amazingly handy and easy to understand, even if you're of a less-technical ilk. So far, I've been using this app to help not only my personal network, but my girlfriend's network get up and RUNNING! So long as you know how to change the settings on your own router, you can use the information this app collects to work around all that interference that may be causing your wi-fi to be dragging! Simply: it's amazing. Thank you, AccessAgility! Thank you, iTunes!

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